Friday, April 9, 2010

Sometimes I think

First green is blue.

I spied this blue beauty this week. Common name: Blue-eyed grass

Family Iridaceae, Sisyrinchium sp.

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Wild radish was blooming. Family Brassicaceae, Raphanus sp.

Nightshade in bloom lined the trails.

Family Solanaceae, Solanum sp.


  1. I have been imagining how would radishes bloom and what colour they turn out to be. I have been growing radishes in my little garden, and for the moment allow a row to go to the end. I am anxious to see the flower. Are they going to be like the wild radish in photo 2?....

    Putrajaya, Malaysia

  2. Hi bangchik: tx for coming by! I really don't know color they would be but please be sure to post plenty of photos when you get your blooms! You have a very nice blog.


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