Monday, April 4, 2011

Why grow from seed? Four reasons

Growing from seed is something I find to be an integral part of both a mindful and minimalist approach to gardening. A few advantages off the top of my head are listed below.

It's way cheaper
I use seeds I have saved from past crops if I know the seeds will stay true. Arugula, tomato, and green beans are some I save. I buy zucchini and corn seeds in order to get reliable products. To say the obvious: it's much cheaper to buy packets of seed rather than getting the six pack from the nursery.

The whole world is yours, in terms of variety
Sometimes I feel as though I'm in a desert when looking for plants at a large chain stores, yes so convenient but with an unimaginative inventory. The entire world is yours when you order your seeds from a catalogue or from an online store. 

You control the quality of your plants
I can used my homemade compost, the compost where I personally was responsible for the contents. I can vouch for all the products used.

Mindfulness as part of the process
I know this sounds corny but I thrill at seeing germination. I actually love my seedlings. The feeling of accomplishment from growing from seed is hard to measure. Slow gardening requires more work, more patience and planning but the benefits are intangible.

And you: why do you grow from seed? And what do you do?


  1. There is another reason: Instead of having plants with dirt trucked across the country to the nursery, you just have to have some seeds shipped. So, much better carbon footprint of those plants you grow yourself. Good for you!

  2. Yes!!! Brilliant. Five reasons to grow from seed. I'm sure there are more. Thanks for stopping by.


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