Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring in Southern California

I've heard it said that our seasons in Southern California are opposite of what is considered traditional for North America. Our season of green of winter and spring, with summer and fall when our landscape goes brown, follow our rainfall pattern.

Redbud bloom, Family Fabaceae, Cercis sp.

Fields of mustard, non-native Brassica
Family Brassicaceae
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Ceanothus in bloom.
Family Rhamnaceae, Ceanothus sp.
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Another ceanothus in bloom, family Rhamnaceae, Ceanothus sp.
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I think this is phacelia, Family Hydrophyllaceae. I don't have my botany books on hand.
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  1. I must get out to Tree of life soon! You have served up a gentle reminder!

  2. Hi Sheila: Thanks for dropping by!


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