Monday, April 5, 2010

To harvest or not to harvest?

Romaine lettuce, sitting here next to my mizuna, has really leafed out. My mizuna is bolting, even the newly planted tiny ones. The romaine may be next so I decided it was time for home-grown salad greens for lunch. Deciding when to harvest is something I mull over regularly.

Family Asteraceace, Lactuca sativa L. longifolia
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  1. Hi Sally! It's a nice lettuce you got there! When I have romaine and other types of lettuce, they never get a chance to grow so big. I pick leaves all the time for salads - several from each plant. As for bolting, in my garden it happens when it's very warm. Sometimes, I pinch the bolt and hope it can prolong a plant's life. They recommend to leave one plant untouched, let it bloom and drop seeds.Then, there could be new plants! Happy gardening!

  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. We've had chilly weather (for us) the last few weeks but my mizuna has still bolted.


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