Saturday, April 3, 2010

My gardening dilemma: blooms or veggies?

In our community garden, we call these toadflax, I think a strange name for such delicate blooms. I've always loved snapdragons but these are minis, with cute little spurs. I don't have the heart to weed these out so they stay. Each year, they grow, springing wild in the most disturbed areas of my plot. If I can, I leave them to self-seed for next year. It does cut down on my winter veggie garden production, leading to my eternal gardening dilemma: blooms or veggies? Given the limited space in a community garden plot, this has been on ongoing issue for me. My choice has been to grow fleurs in the edges near the public pathway, with the veggies further away in case of dog visits.

Family Plantaginaceae, Linaria sp.
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