Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to measure a season

Warm days return. Blackberry is blooming. I visit my community garden plot early in the morning else I wilt. I feel the pull to sow seeds before the summer solstice hits. There is a sense that I must hugely rush to get the plants going, to grow grow grow with the days getting longer, warmer, sunnier.

Here is an advantage of garden work, to be in sync with the cycles of the earth, the sense of day length, when the sun rises, when the sun sets, how the air fills in the shade, is there a chill or is the chill gone. When I think about it, these are subtle calculations, something sensed when I get up and think, it's time for the summer seeds to be sown else it may be too late. At the same time, I savor the blooms, the green, the air.

How to measure a season? It is about increased awareness, of living here on this earth, another way I treasure life, living, easily lost in the business of urban life. It is easy to forget the stars when I don't see them every day, even when they are always there. This way, I am connected to the stars, to the ground, the plants who clamor to grow. It is also about a greener life, growing your greens locally, saves on your carbon footprint.

And you. How do you measure your seasons?


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