Friday, June 3, 2011

The Friday Mulch

This sunny tomato flower comes from my Black Krim. No tomatoes yet, however.

Promising efforts in response to the high demand for community gardens in Santa Cruz County

Tips on avoiding injuries while gardening, to which I would add one thing: be sure to get your tetanus shot! I know that was the first thing I did when I got my garden plot.

Helps to know a bit about companion planting, a must especially in space-challenged plots like mine. I like to plant basil with tomatoes though my challenge is to make sure the basil is able to get enough sun. Tomatoes are such sun hungry beasts!

A site devoted to getting kids involved in gardening. I like it's developmental approach.

Two stories in one in this article on gardening in Canada: the first story is about how the First Nation gardened, the second about a couple in modern times.

Around The Blogs
Curbstone Valley announces the birth of their resident goldfinches and flycatchers. Lovely baby pix to be had for all to ooh and aah over.

Town Mouse spends quality time at Tassajara with photos for proof, which makes me want to go also one day. On my bucket list.

Mark's Veg Plot celebrates the first chili of the year and more.

Exquisite shots of May blooms at the garden-roof coop, complete with one very unusual (to me) wildflower called the Two-Flowered Cynthia 'Krigia biflora', a North American native.

Root Simple on Terrence McKenna's quote about creating your own culture. As I don't watch TV much, the exception being So You Think You Can Dance, I find the absence of TV leaves a vacuum easily filled with too many other activities: reading, cooking, crafting.

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