Friday, April 22, 2011

Surfin' the net

For spring: eleven ways to dye eggs naturally, all sorts of colors.

Has anyone been to the Brooklyn Gardens?  It just hit paydirt, with a 7.5 million dollar donation.

I think something about community gardening sparks creative juices, especially in ways they connect with a community. Just this week, here are a few links in the news.

In Texas, the Houston Community Garden offers not only a place to garden but free tai chi .  If this was southern California, you can bet you'd have standing room only crowds.

I like getting kids involved in gardening. This one is a win-win situation: kids discharge extra energy for a good cause and the community benefits.

Another good idea: in exchange of garden space, you donate some of your produce to the local food bank.

Examples of how community gardens enrich the neighborhood abound in this LA Times piece about a new Long Beach community garden. One plot is sponsored by a neighbor just for the local kids. There is a community herbal garden, open to all.

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