Monday, January 3, 2011

Notable posts

12-11-10 234
Bicolor mallow

The following posts caught my eye in the last month or so. First off, Appalachian Feet hosts a blog carnival, featuring posts on how to grow plants, either ornamentals or for food. I've got a link, the one about sweet peas.

It's okay to cut back on brush, says Town Mouse Country Mouse, something I had to do with my bicolor mallow, after a reminder from the city. Sad because it was the only thing blooming in my garden and the migrating hummingbirds knew it.

Highlighting two veggies I've never heard of but may consider in the future. Both come with bonus recipes.
Achocha/Caigua at Appalachian Feet
Queensland Blue Pumpkin at Down on the Allotment

Are you local to southern California? We've got news of a presentation on essential veggie seed saving in Venice, California at the Learning Garden.

Finally, know that I am quite partial to sweet doggie stories even though this is a garden blog so here is the story of Buddy on a blog designated veggies only. Happy birthday, Buddy, who must be a very special dog.


  1. Thanks for the link mentioning How to Find Great Plants, and thanks even more for participating with your sweet pea post!

  2. Hi Eliza: You're welcome! Thanks for coming by!


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