Saturday, January 22, 2011

Links for you from Arugula Too

bicolor mallow
The connection between gardening and food is so primal, it's not surprising I gravitate towards posts on food and brew. Beer made at home is part of the new frontier at Casa de Turling. For dessert, it's all about who cares what is it as long as the main ingredient is chocolate, which is how I see this post on double chocolate mousse cake.  Drool. Across the Atlantic, we have this how to on carrageen pudding, not something on my radar before but I'm willing to think about it.

I think we are all in the middle of gearing up for the upcoming gardening year, at least I am. I came across a tutorial on how to clean pruners, something I have yet to do, ever, so I thought it was a good idea to earmark this post.  I have yet to save chili seeds so I'm posting this for my next season, certainly not this year.  For butterfly lovers, I found these beautiful plans for a butterfly garden. If you might be a bit late on tomato seeds like me, good news. One of my favorite commercial sites selling heirloom tomato seeds, Tomato Fest, finished their heirloom tomato seed sale but I see on their site that some of their seeds will still be at sale price for a bit longer. 

Gallivanting around the hillsides studying natural history is on one those long wish lists I have buried somewhere.  I do it the lazy way, wandering around the web instead. Mycology 101 is the topic du jour, with a lesson on birds nest fungus over at Curbstone Valley. I found the post on how to make your own nature journal at Appalachian Feet to be quite inspiring. Instead of blogging, maybe I will end up wandering around the hillsides with my very own homemade diary.


  1. A lot of good links..thanks! I see you live in zone 11-there is snow on the ground where I live and just looking at your site is making me feel a little warmer!

  2. Lots of good stuff on your blog so I will be visiting! Thanks for coming by. Snow! But no slugs, I bet. It's a two edged sword, this weather thing.


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