Friday, March 26, 2010

My lonely chard seedling

Since I think I have zillions of slugs lying in wait for any tender seedling emerging from the soil, I tend to start my seeds at home. I use recycled yogurt cups filled with sterile potting soil, holes punched in the bottom for drainage. After germination, I take the seedlings outside to harden. I like to enrich the soil with compost and fertilizer before transplanting. Chard seems hungry for fertilizer so I make sure to use plenty. In the background, you can see how linarias (toadflax) fills in the blank spaces of my garden. Family: Chenopodiaceae, Beta vulgaris var. cicla
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  1. I love the chard favorite it "Bright Lights" I don't eat it )though I have been challenged by a friend to try it this year) but love it fill in all around the garden providing bright color as the various flowers bloom and fade. All slugs should die!

  2. Thanks for coming by. I wasn't a chard fan until I started getting it fresh from my garden. Now it's one of my favorite to grow so that I can be sure to have a supply.


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