Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It was a California adventure

I believe in taking a break from even my beloved little veggie garden. So here are a few quirky shots I took from our little break this last weekend. We took a few hours to go to the adjunct theme park next to the place where the mouse lives.

Always difficult to pass up chocolate. This time, however, it was the irreverent packaging that caught my eye.
So I sat down to eat my ginormous dinosaur-like turkey bone when I looked up and saw this. What would you think they are used for? My answer at the bottom of this post.
I enjoyed the smoothies here and we returned for seconds. The lady behind the counter said "You're back?". Someone had fun with tiling the outside of the place. Mind you, I wouldn't have this in my kitchen, too busy, but I liked how the fork and spoons were incorporated in the mosaic.
Answer: what you use when you run out of traffic jam.

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