Friday, March 11, 2011

Sending prayers to those in Japan

Stunned and shocked by the news of the devastation from the quakes and tsunami in Japan today. I'm putting up this link with information on how to help. Here's a post from a garden blogger in Japan

One block away from my garden, the local  beach was under a tsunami warning. No authorities anywhere except for the helicopters so I walked over to the park next to the beach.  However, when we experience a quake here in southern California, not just a tsunami warning, I will be hightailing it from my garden as quick as I can.

The police in the helicopter kept flying up and down the beach announcing "Tsunami warning still in effect".
police helicopter

Needless to say, I saw that there were people still out on the beach though you can't see them in this photo.
surf tsunami watch
A small crowd gathered to look in the park right off the beach. If we did have a real tsunami, we would be goners.
Yes, even the dogs were looking.
looking for the tsunami

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