Saturday, July 7, 2012

my potatoes in pots

I am finding better luck growing potatoes in 5-10 gallon size pots. These are smaller than the 15 gallon pots I had been using with mostly poor results. It may be that we are too cold and foggy, here by the beach.

I add a layer of good organic potting soil in the bottom of the pot then add the potatoes. These are Yukon gold. I moundup as they grow taller. I harvest after the plants die. I like to wait as long as possible though I worry I may get cited for unsightliness.

Funny, with veggie gardening, the esthetics take last place at times.

Here, you'll see the blackberry vines forming a wall behind the potatoes. In the foreground, there is a solitary hollyhock, which I allow to grow wild in my plot. Potato plants in pots

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