Thursday, July 12, 2012

local hike in the santa monica mountains

There be flowers blooming though these are native plants placed by either the state park or the local conservancy along the hiking trail. I love how the setting sun highlights these Matilija poppies. Family: Papaveraceae, Genus: Romneya. These perennial tree poppies are good for drought tolerant plantings. I was told these can be difficult to start but once they take, they grow like mad. My neighbors call them the eggs sunny side up flower.

matilija poppies

matilija poppy

These cute furry tips are likely to be the seed pod.

matilija poppy seed pod

These flannelbush plants, now flowering, were also planted by the state park or local conservancy. Family: Malvaceae, Genus: Fremontodentron. Needless to say, these native plants are also great for water conserving gardens.

flannelbush flower

Amazingly enough, there is still running water, albeit algae-ridden, at the top of the hiking trail. It is still shady and green along parts of this hike.

waterfall at Temescal

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