Thursday, July 5, 2012

My late summer tomatoes: pineapple

Several years ago, I spied a gorgeous yellow mottled with orange beefsteak tomato at the local farmer's market. It's name was Pineapple, and, naturally, after buying it, I saved its seeds. It turned out, quite frankly, to NOT be a cool weather tolerant type which meant it would be a challenge to grow here in my garden one block from the beach. In the last two years, they did not well. They grew tall, gangly and spindly, bearing few fruits which never ripened, with the leaves spotted with mildew.

I wanted to keep trying. This year, I started seeds in February rather than March. I planted the seedlings in the sunniest warmest corner of my garden.

And there be fruits! I noted these don't yield as much as my hybrids and they aren't as far along as the others. But I'll have late summer tomatoes this year barring a catastrophe. The seeds will be saved again for future years.


Pineapple, Still green

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