Monday, July 16, 2012

it's alive!

I was generously gifted with a pair of precious coastal concord grape cuttings by two dear fellow community gardeners a few months ago. Their much admired coastal concord grapes grow extremely well here one block from the beach, resulting in many pounds of grapes for them each year.

I stuck the cuttings in the ground with the very best of intentions. The leaves eventually fell off, and for several months, I carefully watered a pair of sticks faithfully. I wondered if I would have to go off to a garden center in search of coastal concord grape cuttings for next year. I wondered if I would own up to admitting the cuttings dropped all their leaves, and the leaves never grew back. Today, I saw there are leaves and buds bursting off the end of one stick. Glory be. I gratefully postpone that trip to the garden center.


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