Friday, July 13, 2012

after a light summer rain

While I don't love how my car looks after a light rain, it does wonders for my garden.

I love how the hollyhocks pick up the light on a cloudy day. Yes, I know it's due to the UV rays which cause the pigments to flouresce but who cares about the technical reasons. Family Malvaceae, Genus Alcea

hollyhock after the rain

hollyhock after a rain

I did not have the heart to pull this weed out. I don't know what it except it is likely a Mallow in the family Malvaceae.

mallow after the rain

Likewise, the squash flowers luminesce as well. To be honest, these were volunteers. I understand that this is risky as seeds do not run true. I believe these are likely to be Japanese squash, kabocha.

kabocha flower

So unusual to get rain in the summer in southern California.

hollyhock after the rain

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