Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sugar snap peas emerging, finally

I haven't had much luck with sugar snap peas. Here's the rundown.  Yup, I use new unexpired seed lots. Brand new seeds. From Renees. Yup, I soak the peas overnight until they get all bloaty looking and suck up all the water. Yup, I till the soil, adding fresh compost and veggie fertilizer. Yet, I find very few peas coming up each time.

This time, I went with a different angle. Look below.
temp covers for garden shoots
I found these food tents absurdly cheap at Big Lots!  I thought they would be a great temporary cover for new shoots, especially since I grow my crops in little spaces in between things.

And guess what? Shoots I have!
sugar snap pea emerging
The shoots are still there a week later!
sugar snap peas
Because I share a garden with not just zillions of slugs but with birds who watch me from a distance and they know who they are, I have a strong suspicion the birds may harbor gourmet tastes, namely for pea shoots.


  1. Ahh, that seems likely. I like to eat pea shoots, too! Congrats on your find at Big Lots... I wonder if ours is selling them.

  2. Funny, I haven't tried my own pea shoots! Bet they would be yummy.

    Can't blame the birds.


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