Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New condo for the worms

As a gardening geek, getting a trendy looking new worm condo for my holiday present was a stroke of pure awesomeness. This one is available to residents of our city for a discount. If you are in southern California, google your city or county to find whether your municipality offers this.
worm bin
The worms' new condo, named Wriggly Wranch tm, comes with a bottom level spigot for the precious worm tea, legs to keep off the ground, and coconut coir for the worms' first bed.
worm bin

The good: Nice to have two trays so that you add the fresher veggies in the top bin. The spigot is a nice addition. In the previous setup, I had been using my turkey baster to suck up the worm 'tea'. Maybe I can retire the turkey baster from gardening.

The bad, maybe: Wriggly Wranch tm used to come with three trays instead of the two. We'll see if I need that third tray. The collecting spigot is also located about an inch above the bottom of the tray, which means in order to get any worm goodness, you'll have to have more than an inch of liquid to accumulate. Seems like a lot of liquid to just have hanging around. On second thought, I may have to bring out the ol turkey baster out of retirement.

Nice FAQs on worm composting explored on this blog post at North Coast Gardening.

I'll see how this works out.


  1. That looks like a great worm bin! I bet it will work fine with 2 trays. I've made them out of single-layer bins, before with good results.

    I think your sweet peas post would be a great addition for the next issue of How to Find Great Plants. If you're willing to submit it, the deadline is December 31st and here's the link (it's changed a bit since last time):


  2. Thanks for stopping by! You do have an eye for posts and appreciate it. I'll swing by and take a look. All the best!


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