Monday, May 17, 2010

Growing Stupice tomatoes by the beach

My Stupice tomatoes continue to grow even though we are back to foggy mornings and afternoons here one block from the beach, certainly far from ideal tomato weather. The sun manages to peep out in the middle of the day. Still the overnight temperature has yet to fall below 50 F, a good thing. I'm grateful somewhere along the line I figured out I need to plant cooler climate tomato plants, especially since what we call June gloom seems to be starting earlier this year.

Amending the soil is another absolute, given our subpar growing conditions for tomatoes. I follow the counsel of this goddess of tomatoes. Her way requires a bit more work and money but well worth the investment. I don't get the 7 foot tall tomatoes that she and her students get though I suspect my tomatoes, being cooler climate varieties, just don't get that tall. Regardless of how tall my plants got last year, they were happy plants with lovely tomatoes. We'll see how it goes this year.

I mulch well, really helpful for conserving water as well as keeping the soil from splattering up on the leaves. I deep water in the morning all my tomato plants every few days, depends on the weather, and assiduously avoid wetting the foliage.

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An earlier look
Here is what it looked like in April when I first planted it.
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