Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friday Mulch

A boysenberry, fairly ripe. Yum.

Christian Science Monitor has a personal account of community gardening in Chicago.

Eight foods that MAY make you look younger says the hype. Tomatoes are on the list. All I know is that I can't wait for my tomatoes to ripen, and that certainly isn't helping me look younger.

Three community gardens win awards for outstanding garden, all amazing gardens who more than gives back to their community.

So Miracle-Gro is sponsoring community gardens.  What does that look like in reality? Here is an example in Los Angeles, more specifically Boyle Heights. Surprisingly, it is not a Round-Up ready garden; rather, it is all organic. There is hope, people!

Around the Blogs
I'm so partial to kangaroo rats. Here's why at Camissonia's Corner.

Fresh from the garden potatoes are such a delicacy, I think a quiet secret amongst veggie gardeners. I see we've got potatoes developing in Japan and in England.

I haven't tried this nut recipe but it sure sounds good.

A lesson in phenotypic variability, courtesy of the Madia plant.

I'm also partial to photos about fawns, a double dose cuteness over at Curbstone Valley Farm. I guess it's that time of the year.

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