Thursday, March 7, 2013

Around town fleurs

 photo IMG_1013_zps05ddcee5.jpg

Camellias continue to bloom around town. Great for shady gardens but not really drought tolerant. Family: Theaceae.

 photo IMG_1014_zps1163ba65.jpg

Around this time of the year, the pittosporum blooms. The tree and flowers are both meh. Pittosporums are somewhat drought tolerant but they do not require tons of water. I love the smell of the blooms, stronger at night, which means they are probably moth pollinated. That makes sense as the flowers are small and meh, as mentioned above. Family: Pittosporaceae. Of course.

 photo IMG_1016_zpsbacfca1f.jpg

I would like to see more gardens use ceanothus as they are drought tolerant. Here they are in bloom. Family: Rhamnaceae.

 photo IMG_1020_zps34a1b79b.jpg

Poppies are starting to bloom. These are a light colored variant, and I don't know the species variant: Eschscholzia californica. Family: Papaveraceae

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