Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I'm reading: From Seed To Skillet by Jimmy Williams and Susan Heeger

When I first got my community garden plot, it's very fair to say I was clueless about gardening, not that I am an expert now.

So I did what novice gardeners need to do: I bought seedlings. My all-time favorite supplier is still Jimmy and his son Logan of Hayground Organics, with a spot in both the Saturday and Wednesday Farmer's Market in Santa Monica. Always with the best quality seedlings and with wondrous varieties you won't see anywhere else, I feel like a kid in a candy store when I drop by.

A big plus is that Jimmy is more than happy to provide tons of advice and suggestions each week with your purchase. So I was thrilled to find he has written a gorgeous book on gardening, with Susan Heeger.

Which means, if you don't live around Southern California, you can still get Jimmy through his book, From Seed to Skillet. Another bonus are the recipes from his Gullah heritage, such as this one posted on Project Foodie.

Know I'm glad to see his fabulous book was chosen as one of Amazon's best 2010 garden books, one of the top ten.

Good press here in the San Francisco Chronicle and in the Los Angeles Times, where he is called a 'cult figure'

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